Jetport Pulkovo 3
JetPort Pulkovo 3
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JetPort Pulkovo 3
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JetPort Pulkovo 3
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JetPort Pulkovo 3
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JetPort SPb is an operator rendering services for business aviation at FBO “Pulkovo-3” (ULLI) which is the best FBO in the North-West Region of Russian Federation.


JetPort SPb provided services to their first aircraft and crew in October, 2009, and on January 1, 2010, JetPort SPb served their first business passenger.


JetPort SPb employees have a wide range of experience in business flights handling. All of them regularly improve their skills and qualifications at leading specialized educational institutions.


JetPort SPb includes Operations, Passenger Service, Special Transport Service, Apron Service, Groundhandling department and Security Service thus enabling the company to operate 24/7/365.


The construction and launching of FBO “Pulkovo-3” allowed JetPort SPb to considerably expand its list of services for business flights, including long term parking.


The surface area of FBO “Pulkovo-3” is total 100,000 sq.m. with ramps accommodating more than 20 aircraft parking places, aircraft hangars with total area 8000 sq.m., a passenger terminal, and other necessary infrastructure.

The passenger terminal has a surface area of 4,500 sq. m. The first-floor is ready serve up to 1,500 passengers per 24 hours.


FBO “Pulkovo-3” combines the handling of international passengers, domestic passengers, crews flying international flights and crews operating domestic services. All travelers can access Wi-Fi, Russian and foreign magazines and newspapers, digital TV and so on.


There are separate arrival zones for incoming flights. Meeting rooms are also available in the terminal. The second floor is for JetPort SPb staff and representatives of partner companies, including business jet operators. Flight crews have a separate entrance in the right-hand corner of the terminal and are provided with a comfortable crew rest area.


JetPort Pulkovo 3

196210, Russia, St. Petersburg, 
Pulkovskoe highway, 37/5A


Phone: +7 921 961-18-20





Length of runways: Southern — 3,780×60m  Northern — 3,397×60 m.

PETERBURG Approach:119.30
PULKOVO Ground Control:121.90
PULKOVO Radar:120.30
PULKOVO Tower:118.10

Opening Hours: 24/7