Since our beginnings, our main objectives on a day to day basis have always been to offer the best of each one of us, so as flying becomes an authentic pleasure. The values of working as a team, a simple smile when offering a coffee, our intentions are always to do just that little bit more to surprise and surpass the expectations of our customers, these being the basic ingredients which have placed Mallorcair as one of the best FBO’s at this present time.


Our objective is to keep exerting ourselves in maintaining the essence which identifies us because the most important is to reach our goal and maintain it. Although we find ourselves submerged in an era of revolutionary technology, the human factor is the pillar of Mallorcair, which they draw on to offer their best possible services.


We are convinced that to be able to offer the best service we need to have the best team available, and this will always be for us the most important inversion we could possibly make. We are very fortunate in being able to say we are very proud of our team.

The staff changes within the company are minimal, which indicates the harmony and good working relationship, the majority of our team have more than five years experience in the company, which allows us to get to know our customers well, with their particular tastes and preferences allowing us to offer a detailed and personalized service.

All our staff speaks fluent English and we can attend to our clients in the languages of French, German, Italian, Swedish and Slovakian. The formation of our staff is extensive and on a continual basis, with the priorities in courses in Customer Service, Safety & Security and any other aspects that may directly affect our clients.



Mallorcair FBO


07611 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain


Phone: +34 971 789 522


Email: handling@mallorcair.es




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Company Fequency: 131.925


Opening Hours: 24/7



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