Jinggong Global Jet Co., Ltd. is a Chinese Private Jet operator based in Hangzhou China. We provide executive Jet charter, aircraft sales and Jet management everywhere in Asia, Middle-East and Europe. Our main objective is to offer an exceptional and detailed service to suit our client’s needs and expectations.


Jinggong Global Jet was in 2014 formed as a joint-venture between two companies:

Jinggong Group, one of the biggest Chinese Group. Over period of 45 years the company has built a successful business pattern. This Industrial giant is composed by three dominants sectors: structure building, equipment manufacture, new material production, as well as aviation services.

The second one is Global Jet which is one of the leading European providers of executive jet charter and personalized travel services.

This joint-venture between the strong reputation of a Chinese company and the high-end hospitality of European services is a great advantage for the satisfaction of our clients. The integration of these two great joint business cultures gives us a remarkable Chinese vision of the market associated with the excellence of European hospitality know-how.


Jinggong Global Jet had a fruitful year in 2017, with a new charter flight record of more than 600 hours. The number of request is also growing in the same time, with lot of demand in more than 15 countries. This thanks to a booming and changing Chinese Economy.

We operate two private jets a Falcon 2000EX EASy and a Falcon 7X available from the Hangzhou International Airport. “For Jinggong Global Jet, Hangzhou is the perfect location to base those aircraft. Next to the high density of large corporations present in its close region, it is also right in the middle of China, allowing easy access to Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. It also offers a wide range of destinations towards Japan, Thailand, Philippines…” explains Chief Executive Officer, Franck Dubarry.


For the past 4 years we have been working on improving the level of service. Today, we have met the standards expected and are able to provide it whenever and wherever our clients need it. Furthermore, we go beyond one’s expectation.

A new digital strategy has been set up in order to increase our brand awareness. As we may know, China is one of the leading countries in the growth of technology and connectivity. For this purpose, we are more and more present on social media such as on Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn and Weibo very soon.

ABACE 2018 is just around the corner and Jinggong Global Jet is pleased to announce its presence during this particular event with a spectacular, occidental touch and unconventional booth.

The aim of the company for the coming year is to pursue our expansion and to increase the charter and management fleet offer by continuously increasing the level of service.


Falcon 2000EX EASy: Able to accommodate 11 passengers, this Falcon 2000EX EASy offers an elegant and comfortable cabin. During your flights, you will be able to take advantage of the work space as well as the relaxation and entertainment amenities. Just like the rest of the Falcon series, this aircraft combines long range with high speed and state of the art safety. Home-based in Hangzhou International Airport, it will bring you to Hong-Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu in the blink of an eye and with its wide range it will give you easy access to Middle East, Asia or Asia Pacific.

Falcon 7X: Designed for lengthy missions, the 7X is your home away from home. This high, wide, handsomely proportioned executive suite features three spacious lounge areas, 28 large windows, and acoustics technology that limits noise for a restful, more productive travel experience. Its advanced cabin management system provides a full complement of entertainment and connectivity tools in an exceptionally user-friendly format. Work, relax, manage cabin features, track flight progress and enjoy WiFi on board


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