FBOexperience.com Welcomes Aerocardal Chile

It is with great pleasure that we announce the add of Aerocardal as our #First #Top #Selected FBO in Chile. FBO Aerocardal is South America’s leading FBO services company. Based in Santiago International Airport, it provides handling, hangarage, fuel and parking for Aerocardal’s own fleet and third-party aircraft. It’s the only FBO in Chile’s main airport to deliver JP-A1 fuel straight to the wing from its own fuel farm and three trucks (170,000 litres of total capacity). It also has the capability to service 5 simultaneous executive flights, 24 hours a day. It services a wide array of aircraft, from piston to wide-body airplanes (up to 150 tons), thanks to its platform of 24,000 square meters. FBO is your reliable option for overall FBO services in South America.

Discover more on: www.fboexperience.com/aerocardal & www.aerocardal.com



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