Silk Way Business Aviation: report on Formula 1 “ Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

On 27-29 April Baku hosted “Formula 1 “ Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Thousands of tourists, including spectators and participants visited the country.

Consequently, the schedule and number of flights at Silk Way Business Aviation FBO was more intense and busier than usual. In general 1037 PAX were served and 33 charter flights with different types of aircrafts and VIPs on board were operated.

There were cases when 4-5 aircraft took off simultaneously, one at a time. But the final day was the most intense one. Besides regular personnel, additional staff were also involved in, including the main department of customs service, border and security services. All this to make sure to provide a unique and unforgettable FBO Experience to passengers and crew members.

Silk Way Business Aviation wish to extend a Special Thanks to their clients and also to the Outstanding experienced FBO Team for their professional attitude, a great effort has been made to make sure all flights were handled in the best way without any delays.


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