Capital Handling gets ready for World Cup after busy EBACE days

Capital Handling Riga is preparing for increased movements as the FIFA World Cup in neighboring Russia starts. The main event of football starting this month in Moscow will attract plenty of business jets to Russia. The expected flights will test airport infrastructures in Russia, which have been updated and improved to handle the incoming traffic.

However, parking availability will be limited and operators are expected to look for alternatives in and out of the country. Similar to St. Petersburg, Moscow is approximately 1h flight time away from Riga and can be easily reached from the Russian capital.

Open 24/7 and with without the need for any slots or permits, the main airport of Latvia is a perfect fit for the needs of operators during the tournament. Riga has also been praised in the past for a vast amount of affordable premium hotel venues, popular among crews and passengers alike. Roman Krupjanko, Business Development Director at Capital Handling stated: “Parking availability in Riga is usually very good, so the operators understand that we can be a convenient alternative when it gets crowded elsewhere.”.


Capital Handling is a full service FBO based at Riga International Airport. The company operates the first business aviation complex of the Baltic States with state-of-the-art facilities for passengers and crews. A luxurious Business Aviation Terminal with pre-flight shopping opportunities, crew work and rest areas as well as private VVIP rooms serve passengers entering Latvia and the Baltic region. Extensive maintenance and parking capabilities are available at two company owned heated hangars.

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