VIP Catering Service

ASE Handling can provide you with a wide range of catering and beverage products at all our FBOs. We recognise the importance of inflight catering so in 2007 we hired our own chefs and created a sub-division catering company. With over 8 years’ experience catering for executive, Vip, VVIP, crew and even presidents and prime ministers, you can be assured that ASE knows exactly how to deliver the quality you expect.

VVIP, Executive, Budget & Crew Catering

We have an online menu available, but we’re more than happy to provide catering based on our clients’ demands, as we wish to ensure your tastes and requirements are met.We always use local ingredients when possible, and our chefs are available to meet you on arrival at the aircraft to discuss any special orders. In addition, on departure our chef hand-delivers the catering to the flight to ensure its safe travel and to answer any questions you might have and, if required, assist the cabin crew with setup. All catering provided is produced and handled in accordance with Swedish & Danish Laws - Certificates available on request.

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