The III Wings of Business Award for the Highest Achievements in Business Aviation

The Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) would like to invite you to take part in the 3rd Wings of Business Award for the highest achievements in business aviation. The Award will be given for accomplishments in 2018.

The award ceremony will take place in Moscow on 22 February 2019. The winners in 13 categories will be announced at the ceremony where they will receive the main prize and symbol of the Award: a limited edition Wings of Business statuette. The figure of a businessman is made of bronze with glazed patina finish, its wings of machine cut glass, and the pedestal of crystal.

You can buy tickets for the ceremony online at The sale starts on 3 December 2018.

13 categories: this year we will have 13 categories, which reflects the current situation on the market and trends:

- Business Aviation Airline

- General Aviation Operator (International Participation)

- Foreign Business Aviation Airline

- Business Aviation Operator - Helicopters (Passenger Transportation)

- Business Aviation Infrastructure (Terminals and Hangar Facilities)

- Business Aviation Infrastructure - Heliports

- Ground Handling Company

- Maintenance Company (International Participation)

- Flight Support Company (International Participation)

- Broker Company

- Service Company in Business Aviation

- Catering for Business Aviation

- Project of the Year in Business Aviation in Russia (International Participation)

The winner in the For Contribution to the Business Aviation Development in Russia category will be chosen out of competition. Any company registered before 31 December 2017 and engaged in business aviation activities is free to apply for participation. To take part in the Award as a nominee, you will need to complete an application form (available at and send it with all the necessary materials to

The Expert Council (11 persons) will be elected by RUBAA members. The Expert Council will include candidates nominated by RUBAA members who received most votes.

The Award Jury (3 persons) will be chosen by RUBAA Board. The Jury will not be responsible for choosing the winners; its purpose is to monitor the vote counting procedure and record the results by signing the relevant protocol.

The Wings of Business Award winner in the For Contribution to the Business Aviation Development in Russia category will be personally chosen by RUBAA Board members.

The information on nominees available at the Award website: information on nominees will be published on the Award website once their applications for participation have been received, provided that the materials and data they have submitted are complete and true. The information will be published in Russian and in English.

Winner selection is one of the most important stages of the Award. Winners in 13 categories will be chosen by the Expert Council at the ceremony. The Jury will monitor the vote counting and record the results in the protocol.

Online voting will be available at the Award website. Website visitors will have an opportunity to “like” a participant of their choice in each category. This time online votes will not be taken into account when calculating the final score but might be used by the Expert Council members as reference information.

The information about winners will be published on the Award website and mailed to the Association members and other companies engaged in business aviation activities as well as mass media. The award winners will have the right to use the Wings of Business logo in their printed and electronic materials. You will need to indicate the year in which you received the award.

We would like to invite everyone to take part in the 3rd Wings of Business Award and the award ceremony, which will take place on 22 February 2019. We wish you every success!

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