Wings of Business Award Expert Council is Announced

On 22 February 2019 in Moscow the III Wings of Business Award Ceremony will be performed. The event will take place at one the most famous venues in Moscow – IZVESTIA Hall. The main winter event of the Russian business aviation will be executed as a gala-dinner, during which the award winners in 13 nominations will be announced.

The fourteenth award – an exclusive figure of a businessman with wings – will be introduced for an outstanding contribution to the business aviation in Russia without competition, by resolution of RUBAA Board.

This year the award winners will not only be announced, but also chosen right at the ceremony. Thus, the results will be unknow till the latest moment. The Expert Council of 11 members was chosen by RUBAA Members:

Evgeny Bakhtin, Director General, Jet Travel Club

Vladimir Lapinsky, Director general, Meridian Air Company

Igor Mudrik, Director general, VIPPORT

Yaroslav Odintsev, RUBAA President, Chairman of the Board

Sergey Pugin, Director general, JetPort SPb

Andrey Stepanyuk, Director General, Sfera jet

Vitaly Tereschenko, Director General, Sirius Aero Aircompany

Mikhail Titov, Director general, NAJET

Azat Khakim, Chairman of the Board, Tulpar Aero Group

Vladimir Tsutskarev, Deputy CEO, JetPort SPb

Anton Yatsuk, Director general, Business Aviation Center

RUBAA invites everyone to take part in the III Wings of Business Award Ceremony and wishes success to all participants!

Information about the award, application form, ticket purchase are available at

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