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After 3 years of developing, Galley Cuisine opened their first location in Amsterdam. André Seijbel with many years of experience as a chef onboard on private aircrafts and Bo Tan with 10 years of experience in applying efficiency in food mass production lines, both created Galley Cuisine VIP Inflight Catering. The second location in Brussels where the exact same system and signature dishes of Galley Cuisine are provided, VIP Inflight Catering from Galley Cuisine is available at currently 8 airports covering Belgium and The Netherlands. 


Galley Cuisine Philosophy is to providing catering as convenient as we would serve as a chef onboard ourselves, with the quality and presentation we would like to receive as a VIP onboard.


Being dedicated in private aviation is to be available 24/7. With an operator monitoring all incoming e-mails 24/7 Galley Cuisine manages to react to all priority messages and screens all errors out to make an order complete of all details for both kitchen and the client.

Upon availability “short notice” orders are being evaluated and when needed adjusted to possibility. With all executive chefs having experience in skills from doing the mis en place to producing hot dishes, priority lays in delivering the actual order and making everything manageable for the flight attendant on board and pilots when flying without a serving host. Preferably an order is produced by 1 chef only in this way all questions regarding a particular order can be answered by the chef who monitored the order.


Dedication in VIP Inflight Catering also means knowing which aircraft type you will be catering. Seating configurations are essential when “ready-to-serve” catering is requested because of for instance short flights (shorter than 45 minutes, effective serving time 25minutes) or galley space shortage. To provide the most efficient way of packaging Galley Cuisine has a range of over 50 different sizes of packaging to always be able to pack without “air” no space will be wasted in the galley with oversized packaging.


Galley Cuisine is specialized in improvising on short notice requests. In the past three years we’ve made new items which have been created due to making dishes with limited ingredients. The combination of pressure, challenge and passion applied by our kitchenteam results in signature dishes exclusively available at Galley Cuisine.


The constant change of demands regarding catering wishes longs innovation. Galley Cuisine focuses on trends, diets and seasonal supplies to have a constant surprising and renewing effect on board. To inspire trust of regular clients catering needs to be constant, equal to previous same orders, consequently high in quality and must be presented with the most highest care which VIPs are used to having.


Galley Cuisine

Ph Holland: +31 6 11 71 46 14 

Ph Belgium: +31 6 11 12 20 27





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Galley Cuisine Holland

Pieter Goedkoopweg 12

2031EL, Haarlem

The Netherlands

Galley Cuisine Belgium

Excelsiorlaan 1

1930, Zaventerm




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