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Inflite The Jet Centre
Inflite The Jet Centre


The Inflite Jet Centre at London Stansted Airport has always been known for its exclusive lounges, attentive passenger handling, superb cuisine, attention to detail and exemplary standards of service. We have won several prestigious awards as handling agents and for customer care but we are not a company to rest on our laurels, instead raising our game, we have created a new and truly outstanding FBO facility.


Our new terminal offers every practical convenience that the private air traveller requires, with luxurious and seamless transit from arrival to aircraft. A range of superb lounges caters for the smallest party of 2 up to groups of 200. Each lounge is tailored to provide the right ambiance for the number of passengers and is equipped to supply a high level of refreshment and service accompanied by our now renowned Jet Centre staff. The Inflite Jet Centre has been given approval by the Government to handle the transport of pets travelling to the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).


Owners of dogs, cats and ferrets can now ship their furry animals on flights into Stansted via Inflite the Jet Centre from overseas. Inflite's specially trained staff will meet the aircraft on arrival and, together with the owner, check the pet's passport and microchip. The pet and owner will be then free to disembark the aircraft and once having cleared UK Border Agency they can continue their journey in the UK. The arrival process is completely hassle free and considerably shorter than at other UK airports so relieving you and your favourite pet from unwanted stress".


Departure through the new Inflite Jet Centre terminal will be, we promise, an entirely enjoyable experience: easy to get there, easy to park, easily the best way to fly. Our services are built on the combination of two essential factors, 30 years of experience and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We achieve our success by total commitment to maintaining the quality of our highly skilled workforce and building and developing relationships with all our clients. We are a family run business that really cares about everything we do.


We provide the ultimate FBO for the corporate and business aircraft operator with an extensive range of aircraft handling, engineering and support services all in-house and from our own purpose built premises.


The Jet Centre
Hangar 1
London Stansted Airport
Essex CM24 1RY

Phone: +44 (0) 1279 831 000




Company Frequency:129.70 Mhz


Opening  Hours: 24/7



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