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Skylink Services Ltd is proud to be the sole owner and operator of the only FBO facility in Cyprus, based at Larnaca International Airport. Officially opening its doors in June 2010, this 1600sqm facility is unique in Cyprus. The company continues to offer 24hr professional VIP ground handling services, and is dedicated to providing a stress-free experience for both passengers and crew.


Currently representing over 400 international companies worldwide that either own or operate executive aircraft, the company caters for aircraft ranging from very light jets to large aircraft, including Boeing 747 and Airbus 340. 


Skylink Services Ltd also manages and operates the new Heads-of-State lounge facility at Larnaca International Airport. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus granted Skylink Services Ltd sole responsibility for the building, management and operation of this new facility, due to the company’s high standards and quality services. This lounge is used by all Heads-of-State, as well as other dignitaries visiting the Republic.


On 6th June 2010, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI completed a historic official visit to Cyprus, departing through the Heads-of-State lounge facility at Larnaca International Airport.


In the second half of 2012, the Republic of Cyprus held the rotating EU Presidency, during which the executive FBO and Heads-of-State lounge were efficiently operated by Skylink Services Ltd, ensuring that the increased traffic due to all visiting delegates and Heads-of-State was handled smoothly and successfully.


The facilities available at Skylink Services Ltd Executive Terminal in Larnaca, throughout the year and on a 24hr basis, include a spacious lounge which can accommodate up to 60 passengers at any given time, a luxurious and relaxing environment complete with state of the art media and visual equipment, and Wi-Fi internet access.


There is also selection of complimentary hot and cold beverages. A separate crew rest area and briefing facility is offered, as well as a private area available for meetings.


With customs, immigration and security screening located within the FBO, passengers and crew are escorted through the terminal with maximum convenience and efficiency.


Skylink Services Ltd owns a fleet of 13 executive vehicles. These include Mercedes 7-seater Viano mini-vans for ramp and crew transport, as well as Mercedes S-class and BMW 7-series for executive limousine transport.


We make it simple. Our standard of service excellence routinely provides more comprehensive services and attention to detail that you can depend on.


If you have a lot of luggage that's no problem: our luggage vans are also available. Use your time wisely. Your driver is reliable and will ensure a worry-free transfer before or after the trip.


Larnaca International Airport

p.o. Box 43012, CY 6650

Larnaca, CYPRUS

Phone: +357 2484 09 00



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Company Frequency: 131,125 Mhz

Airport Opening Hours: 24/7


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